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season baby arranges

Wed, 10/12/2011 - 12:33AM by iksog 0 Comments -

The food of early winter season baby arranges

The cold resisting meal adjusts

The baby's far not equal to adult of the resistant to cold dint and body holdout ability.Pass a reasonable meal arrangement to the resistibility of adjustment and to build up baby and cold resisting abilityhong kong guide, let the baby safely pass the winter, is father's mother of the second healthily prepare!

Meal principle

No.1:Reasonable take high fat of high egg white of food

Some fathers and mothers by mistake think that the baby needs the more tall egg whites, high fat food then can resist cold weather in winter.The modern science research confirms that under the cold weather, the endocrine system of baby machine body is also adjusted to move and make a producing of baby thermal energy dint increment.Therefore, in winter energy and other season margins needed by baby not big, so don't blindly eat excessive tall egg white, high fat food for baby, the in order to prevent brings burden for the baby's body.

No.2:Strengthen to add vitamin

Baby in winter the outdoor activity opposite less, accept time of irradiation of outdoor sunlight also short, appear vitamin D to lack a disease very easily.This needs the mother periodically add vitamin D for baby, concrete amount of supplement and number of times had better suggest a performance according to the pediatrician.The cold weather makes the human body oxidized function to speed, the metabolism of vitamin inside the baby body will also obviously speed, the vitamin A can strengthen the baby's resistant to cold dint,Landscape product the vitamin C can raise a baby to cold of orientation ability, and have a good protection function to the blood vessel, want in the food the noticing to add vitamin for baby in time.

No.3:Value non- machine salt absorb

The medical science research expresses that if be in need of to have no machine salt a person inside the body easily afraid cold, such as calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, and copper...etc. have no machine salt is under the all cold weather condition a little bit easily lack of nourishment vegetable, but all enrich to contain these nourishment in the milk, animal liver, green foods, such as vegetable, bean product, sea tangle and laver...etc. vegetable, is a baby winter head the anti- cold food for choosing.Want to help a baby to increase to be non- machine salt to absorb, help a baby to resist chill, suggest that the father mother lets baby more to take a root-stock vegetable in winter, like carrot, potato and mountain medicine, sweet potato and Ou and green vegetables, great cabbage etc..

No.4:Take leave the baby's"festival disease"

Christmas, New Year's Day and Chinese New Year ……the winter is numerous seasons that the traditional festivals arrives, the chaperonage whole family has a reunion of happiness atmosphere, the father mother often tolerates a baby to drink or edible excessive beverage and small food, led lighting manufacturersdo like this will make baby of the stomach mucosa is subjected to chill incitement, afferent constringency, cause an indigestion diarrhea.On arriving festival, the baby eats of the thing is miscellaneous and easily cause to fold a food, like the sweet potato and the peanut, sweet potato and egg, the cold hot food mixture eats, particularly is eat a hot food first to eat behind cold food, more easily result in to"fight" inside the stomach.Eat after the excessive and greasy food the belly catches a cold, is also the inducement that causes stomach and intestines function maladjustment.Want to help baby's reasonable to arrange healthy food in winter, avoid becoming a "festival disease" baby.

No.5:Should regard hot food as principle

The cold food doesn't easily digest and easily harms and baby young and small appetite, particularly is to those appetite falsely cold baby, the food in winter should even regard hot food as principle, for example, make soup type, cook to braise type or soup vegetables etc..Moreover, the calories of vegetables article sends forth a little bit quickly in winter and create with the method of hanging up the Qian of, can effectively prolong time that the food keeps temperature, but also want to once avoid very hot food such as the thick soup paste food classes and grades.

No.6:Improve a partial eclipse

In winter, the weather relates to, will have higher request to the baby's body character, so can not even let baby's partial eclipse in winter.However, opposite other seasons is also the inning that changes baby's partial eclipse in winter.What about why to say so?Because wanting an anti- in winter is cold so needing the energy is more, the baby's appetite corresponding will be also better.And the air temperature is lower, some partial eclipse babies dislike of food flavor will also thin a lot of.Father mother at process a baby don't like to eat of food, want ~only in the color feeling, and mastication feeling...etc. slightly more attention, probably match the thing that the baby don't like to eat other foods, process into the baby likes of color and shape, strengthen the baby's appetite, wait until to come in spring, your baby perhaps has already changed the trouble of partial eclipse.

The Tips baby should not be fed on in winter satisfied, otherwise stimulate in the cold air under, the baby becomes lazy very easily, would not like to exercise,Cable Manufacturer but while lacking the circumstance of sport, the baby's metabolism easily becomes slow-moving and causes a baby to accumulate a food to wait a second healthy phenomenon thus.

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