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project design

Wed, 10/26/2011 - 12:40AM by iksog 0 Comments -

The basic principle of project design
Detailed analysis superhighway customer's need, provides the perfect video frequency the examination system and the maneuverability strong solution

Build up video frequency examination system, carry out transportation to flow the dynamic state that the information collects to turn

Not only needs to provide the video frequency examination the equipments, but also needs to provide the video frequency including hardware, applied software and solution examination system,dvb t tunersmaking the dynamic state transportation collecting flowed an information can expediently make the customer use.

Ensure the stability, credibility of system movement

No matter choose a type, different weather and only shine on a condition from the equipments under of examination calculate way, still keep arriving a concrete implementation project, all want in consideration of system dependable sex problem, ensure system as usual, stable, dependable, in succession circulate.

Ensure gearing, usage, maintenance process of without interference and convenience

This system in addition to choose the suitable gearing location installs process with way, assurance to the transportation in addition to flow circulate of have no interference, also established long range to add the deletion virtual coil and the long range diagnosis maintenance function, provide the most convenient tool and service for daily movement and maintenance work.

Ensure the system circulates of economy

BE satisfying a customer under the premise of total need, well embody the share of equipments resources, the biggest degree ground lowers system to cost and installs cost.

Promise system of can expand sex

The system can expand sex to mainly embody in the system equipments of and permit sex and function of can expand sex.dvb t receiversSystem equipments of and permit sex reflection at:Canning be free from the restriction of system hardware, software and correspondence circuit is examining equipments, each toll station and supervision center to carry on a data to deliver and handles.The video frequency examines system function of can expand sex and mean can according to supervision system integration of request, provide and get stripe service from the hardware, software, aim at the variety trend of near medium long-term different request and transportation discharge, gradual realization collect from the parameter dynamic state with processing, the affairs examine, hustle examine main line and control the transition of the etc. function, the layering time ground provides all-directions information services for customer.

Promise the usability and safety of system

In addition to providing detailed user's manual and user manual,cable supplier from the man-machine interface design and application the software parameter change, system equipments auto the examination and brush-off don't  authorize interview, system instauration ability etc., assurance system operation of convenience, safety.

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