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men all hope earnestly

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All horoscopes wifes whom the men all hope earnestly
What expectation does the man have to the woman whom they love?Shape, outward appearance and ability, family background and personality?Probably all possible.But want in the reality, seek a gather various advantage is at the whole body of the perfect woman come out and is to have a little too absurd.From time immemorial, the man's good wifes in the dream is all so-called and beautiful and intelligent womans of abilities"get court hall go into kitchen" is standard.So in the contemporary man's eyes, what kind is most hoping earnestly to become oneself cuckoldry the woman ?cheap wedding dresses

Be in the light of the principle of cultivation of both the inner and the outer, had better should to the in proper form, cultivated, there is knowledge, have personal status

1, she had better be like a scales, gold cow forever woman the similar grace is moving

No matter is the New Year evening party of friend's party or your company, her clothing can not ask for an eye, but the bottom line don't let you disgraceful in the public in front.Be in the light of the principle of cultivation of both the inner and the outer, she had better should to the in proper form, cultivated, there is knowledge, there is personal status.There was a grey hair and dye in time in addition.Don't make oneself fat to arrive unmanageable again reduce weight.Don't use to wash an old cheap underwear to go together with Chen up to thousand of open a department rice coat.And your warm and affectionate of time don't beg bewitchingly beautiful, but beg tidy-beg you, don't make me see you of underwear Zhan the line or pants broke a hole.cheap women's shoes

Libra:Speak of an elegant woman, must belong to scales, Libra is a tallest that appears a beauty probability horoscope, in fact, woman's majority of Libra can own a kind of qualities of grace, more important, they will definitely match in the particular situation particular attire, the companion"disgraceful" affair absolutely can't take place because of her.

Taurus:Guards the next Taurus woman in the Venus moreover, is also value pleasant impression very much, however the gold cow female lies in with the scales female differentia, what she paid attention to is pragmatic beauty, can't contend for the title of "dancing party queen" with others and belong to temperament stability, moderate beauty.And pursue perfect Virgo in everywhere also match equally, don't say important situation, be come downstairs trip supermarket, also definitely attaining oneself had better.

2, be like a scorpion, the similar value of shooter woman to have sexual lovecheap fashion jewelry

She be not have sexual love have no degree of woman, but don't also calm down to arrive not to have sexual love husband and wife be return to matter.She has healthy sex idea and know on one's own initiative, the ability heel your open heart exchanges is to the erotic feeling.

Scorpio:Scorpio of sexy need not to doubt, she combine not necessarily very beautiful, but usually once her one Pin smile, seem and then can stir up the original desire of the opposite sex heart deep place, this is a kind of sex appeal.

Sagittarius:The shooter pursues incitement and is full of curious about innocent characteristic, can good match the other party.However what I meant to say BE, the sex appeal is a kind of advantage, but slice to hate to overflow, attention confidence good you sexy of size.

3, be like a Cancer, gold cow and double fish similar value family atmosphere

Don't call to sell outside every day.Will several specialty vegetableses that learned there from the mother, work not busy of time do meal for you, have candlelight of no account.Slightly understand needlework, you of the clasp dropped, she was very quick and then could sew up.Good-hearted.Kid insists after being born that the female milk feed to keep, it is out of shape to be not afraid of a shape.

Cancer:Gentle and soft consideration of Cancer and be full of a benevolence;

Taurus:The beauty that Taurus tries to be practical;

Pisces:The tender feelings of double fish water, each is the type of all standard understanding wife and loving mother.Marry the woman like this goes home, none of various affairs in the home needs you worried, last get the hall go into kitchen, so excellent wife, even the old woman daughter-in-law relate to not in context of present discussion really have blessing also.

4, be like a Capricorn, double fish, Cancer the woman is similar to develop a habit of studying

The woman after getting married mostly read popular or vogue magazine, this is very normal.Some it happened that men will have some romantic feeling knot and like a poem book article, and hope that own companion also has this friendship to like.It is a good matter to study and certainly study not for putting up a front.Study to make her be free from stupid fault, let her have more common topics with you, return can let she of the qualities is promoted.Total of to say, still a kind of have fun and have repay of pay.wholesale fashion jewellery

Capricorn:The Mo Jie perhaps haded the horoscope of study perseverance most , for promoting oneself, they can attain to insist unremitting effort, in in the meantime knowing of the study more knowledge, can also have more topics to discuss with husband, and why should not be happy to do it?

Pisces, Cancer:Moreover the literature qualities of the double the fish Cancer virgin double son also allows of no to neglect.

5, be like Pisces the woman is similar to occasionally dream together with you

The life of the oil salt firewood rice inside, occasionally overflow some impractical dreams in the man heart.Calculate too visionary, don't not show consideration noodles ground to sneer at you, either.There is the time of mood, she does together with you.Don't worry too much, have which normal man will so die stupid, think that a dream will not come to forever?

Pisces:Pisces guards the star as Neptune, the Neptune takes charge of of the realm is dream, so all living in to dream of a medium horoscope from cradle to the grave of Pisces, especially girl, need to be emphatic BE, accompany a husband to dream a nothing important together not good, but if two people are the same as "dreamboat", so this dream perhaps also can be a dream...

6, take to order humorous qualities

The chemisette gentleness is kind and genial good is sugar, but the persistently sweet one day there will will give° the man to get fed up with dead.The humorous qualities is a salt, it distributes scarcity in the chemisette body, can once existing, can adjust a different flavor-heel those a listen to adult's joke compare for the woman of Wu ear, can speak 12 womans of adult's jokes certainly even have wit and humour.

Gemini:The intelligent talented person has fun more turn humor.Much clever change of double son in good humor of time always have say that don't finish of joke.

Aries:The humor of the white sheep belongs to the amiability of kid's sort,

Sagittarius:The shooter is optimistic and free

Scales, lion:Moreover all of scales and lions are eloquences to be easy to give public recognition house, want to induce a smile nearby of you still really all not in context of present discussion.

7, be like a pair of sons, Cancer the woman is similar to love a house

Love you, concern you on one's own initiative of family.Your parents' birthday, she early and early remits money or buys a gift;You of the brothers sister occupy, she is more worried than you;You the poor relatives for coming in the old house, she can't peep out to disdain of color, because disdain you of the relatives is to disdain you of in the past, be disdain you.

Gemini:Can attain an every party involved person to combine not much.If run into to sincerely love you double son MM, her cleverness ability will you nearby occupy to all take down, any can express own small detail all quite good lead.

Cancer:But super good-hearted and considerate Cancer MM, then the love is livinged by the heart, you of occupy to all regard as the own, want ~only you not to dislike vexed good.

8, be like a lion, gold cow the woman is similar to be full of self-confidence

To the association of the you and the female friends, don't over-sensitive, have a little slight commotion to think that you had an affairs, abandon she.Self-confident woman forever not do heel the police dog that smell around behind in husband's bottom, also not understand what call is abandonned.Calculated you to really have an affairs, she also had confidence to drag along you to return her-if she would like to also want you.led home lighting

Leo:Leo's imitating a Buddha is a Royal nobility and naturally aware of self Gao Ren Yi etc., ignore men and women to all preserve the self-confidence of a firmness.

Taurus:Developing another quite good gold cow is very steady, the self-confident of water bottle occasionally expresses arrogant.

9, be like a Cancer the woman is similar to tolerate his banality

Don't once expect Gao to you, to you of ordinary peace thin give utmost tolerate.You aren't a rich guy, isn't the successful personage of the winds and clouds of Chi Mao, but she be take pleasure in following you lead the common run of people of day.She tolerates and also knows an interest, not frequently loquacious, complain you are stupid, can not earn big money-want to know, man's most fearing the most vexed is also this.

Cancer:As long as there is love at, the bread will have.Cancer MM that values an emotion life, thinks only two feeling mutually Yue, calculate living mild also doesn't matter, she not entertain wild hope the delicacies from land and sea in everyday, also not entertain wild hope have much luxurious of villa discrepancy, she hope to give best loves for she all the other party, can exactly is this way, drive touched of man meeting more hard of construct a fine life for her.

10, she strong independence

Some men like the woman are to depend on person small bird and make them protect so much.More men then like the woman has independent spirit, not want frequently a nasal discharge a tears, also not want to stick to him all day long, make her inside in the world in addition to you outside connect a friends of chat all have no.The man likes to have he or she's space, in fact you also hope that you have your own space.She is strong independent, is the most beautiful in your heart.

【Edit analysis 】

Scorpio:The sky of scorpion is fearlessly not afraid

Capricorn:The super patience of Mo Jie.

Lion, white sheep:Still have lion the violent hero bearing of the white sheep

Aquarius:Certainly there is also water bottle of personal independence of conduct.

In fact have oneself the woman of the thought is usually all strong representative, after all this each crest of men and women half in world side sky, you want to all want to depend on the man's words, another half side sky can how hold the balance?

There isn't any without any cause love in the world, the man be finally willing to give up the freedom of ring finger and with full intention rejoice ground to lead long woman up the red carpet, and this woman is generally some moving quality vegetables to make him feel more what Jean see.Consequently:Marrying the homing is the all best!

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