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LED who is applicable

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 12:50AM by iksog 0 Comments -

Gao Liang Du LED who is applicable to a car application drives electric circuit
In recent years, Gao Liang Du LED applies a development amazingly fast,LED Spot Lightsespecially in the aspects of indicating a card, traffic sign light.But applied to car to say, LED as well has a tremendous attraction, longevity life, anti- earthquake, efficiently, to light source the good control abilities is all its advantage.BE more opposite than an incandescent lamp certainly, LED needs to drive electric circuit and also have the car electricity is to depend sour lead storage battery power supply of, is the alternator that the machine drives to refresh, this battery suitable incandescent lamp, obsolescent LED, therefore,LED Flood Lightsdesign a kind of steady press function good but again driving of low Zao voice the electric circuit is very necessary.

Theoretically, the LED light exportation has something to do with driving electric current, but has nothing to do with the power electric voltage.Most to low have applied request, if the power electric voltage stabilizes, an electric resistance can limit electric current.Remarkable BE, to this kind of most simple applied electric circuit, LED to some extent show come from stability characteristic.That is, if the temperature goes up, the LED light outputs decrease, but in the meantime it just to press to decline to as well lower, make to drive electric current increment, compensated the higher temperature bottom light output's thus decrease.Sorry BE, the variety scope of car the power is very big, between 8 Vs-18 Vses, the Feng value electric voltage can reach several ten Fus.In addition, Gao Liang Du LED drives electric current big, will produce a great deal of calories on the electric resistance, make to spread a hot design complication.

Opposite simple of project is use line to decline to press steady press a machine of the D1 Be one is steady to press diode and pass the LED electric current enactment as VD 1| RSETs.The D2 rightness radicleses pole diode carries on degree of humidity repair.This electric circuit still exists energy loss the problem and electric resistance spread a hot problem.For low electric current LED, is just particularly LED that establishes behind to the situation that presses to decline and is more slightly low than the power electric voltage, this electric circuit doesn't lose for the economic effective project.

In majority of situations, switch the power provides a kind of better electricity solution.Elfevident, switch the power is a switch work ofLED Ceiling Lights , in a period, refresh to the RLC electric circuit;In next period, the saving energy is been used to drive a load.This electric circuit contains high efficiency, all generally can attain above 90%, the switch is steady to press a machine to promote electric voltage and lower electric voltage, can also produce the pole contrary electric voltage, this is what line is steady to press a machine don't have.

The most simple switch is steady to press a machine is a figure 2 show of decline to press steady press a machine, the pressing of of importation electric voltage and LED electric voltage bad refresh to the electricity L, electric current immediately increment,Keystone Jack Manufacturer be electric current to attain pre-established value, control the electric circuit will establish of transistor close, form 1 to hand over the electric current of changing in the LED thoroughfare.Notice, drive an application in LED in, the switch is steady to press an electric circuit control of the Feng value of electric current.This value is set by the programmable IC or the external component.The electric current is worth also from the FET switch leak very ascend examination electric resistance to define.Decline to press steady press a machine to flow through LED of the electric current is continuous, but hand over to change of, led lighting automotiveand discontinuous to the power, this to the power work will produce an in fact of influence, also increased the power on-line Zao voice.

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