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Dongguan will expand

Mon, 08/29/2011 - 11:54PM by iksog 0 Comments -

Dongguan will expand 600,000 economy energy lights this year
Dongguan wants to expand to efficiently illuminate product 600,000 and increases 20,000 than last year this year.Recently, economy in Guangdong province and information-based committee and province public finance hall printed to deliver 《Guangdong province efficiently illuminated the product expansion implementation project in 2011 》.LED Tube light(as follows brief name 《project 》)According to 《project 》, my city wants to expand efficiently to illuminate a product to be 600,000 this year, the expansion amount ranks the fourth in the middle of all saving a region.Dongguan 100 divide 100 science and technology limited companies(brief name“100 divide 100 companies& rdquos;)become unique my city a medium mark business enterprise that is responsible for product expansion.

The each one of residents customer subsidizes 50%
Recently, the hair of guo jia changes Wei consociation the public finance subordinate delivered 《2011 public finance the subsidy efficiently illuminate the product expansion task notice 》, the plan continues in the whole country to expand to efficiently illuminate more than 150,000,000s of products.Expand the quantity occupies 4 ex- of in the province is mountain west(10,000,000) and Sichuan(10,000,000), Plate Heat ExchangerFukien(9,000,000) and Guangdong(8,000,000) respectively.

According to know, in principle, village and economy owe a flourishing region to efficiently illuminate a product expansion comparison to be no lower than 60%.However, the industry insider analysis thinks, because the urbanization level of Guangdong province is higher, I save at“Village and economy owe flourishing region& rdquo;Of the expansion comparison be no lower than 30% and have a dissimilarity with the target of whole country.

According to understanding, this year's expansion object remains main to manage expansion to efficiently illuminate economy energy service company etc. of product to greatly believe in a customer for the work mineral business enterprise, office building, hospital, school, guest house, company Xia, station, airport, wharf, road and adoption contract energy, and takes the community or the administration village as to purchase the city country of unit a residents customer.Big religion customer each one economize on energy the light will give 30% subsidy, the city country each one of residents customer gives 50% subsidy.According to know, since 2008, I save total expansion to efficiently illuminate product 2100 many 10000 and excess number complete the task that the bottom of guo jia reaches annually.

The big religion customer at least purchases 100
According to 《project 》of the request , in the aspects of signing and providing goods agreement, expand a business enterprise and need with decide and replace to efficiently illuminate big customer religion of the product and sign and provide goods agreement, and provide necessary reformation project and technique support for big religion customer, but not and only sell lighting product.In the meantime, each big customer religion purchases a public finance subsidy the expansion efficiently illuminate a product amount to be no less than 100.
When residents customer purchased a public finance subsidy to efficiently illuminate a product, need to produce a related identity proof, each effective identity proof purchases an amount more than 10 was not.In addition, at product quality control period, greatly believe in a customer to be no less than for a year, the residents customer is no less than for 2 years.

One business enterprise in Dongguan is responsible for providing a product
Check 《project 》discover, Dongguan this year expand amount of task is 600,000, among them, small power tightly packed type the economy energy light(keep a tube|spiral) is 270,000, the big power tightly packed type economizes on energy light 80,000, three radicle colors high repeatedly the double carry fluorescent lamp 250,000.In the middle of all saving several regions,led home lighting after the expansion amount of task in Dongguan follow close behind Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Buddha mountain.Among them, Guangzhou reduced a little bit last year 50,000, Shenzhen reduced 100,000, the Buddha mountain increased 100,000 than last year.Dongguan compares this year 580,000 the amount of task last year increased 20,000 and increased not and obviously.

According to the statistics, the guo jia efficiently illuminates the product expansion public finance subsidy in the Year 2011's the mountain electric appliances of Philip, sunlight and Buddha, was attracted to the item a private to reach, Europe Pu, 100 divide 100 company etc.48 lighting business enterprise participation bid and invite bids a product to totally include three radicle colors high repeatedly the double carry fluorescent lamp and support, common lighting to use to flow 8 pack segments of fluorescent lamp and the high pressure sodium light three types of productses from the town.Medium the elevation press the business enterprise of sodium light and contain 7 and win and mark three radicle colors high repeatedly double the business enterprise that carry fluorescent lamp and support contain 17 and win and mark common lighting and use and flow the business enterprise of the fluorescent lamp and have 24 from the town.

Particularly remarkable BE, all save“Three radicle colors high repeatedly the double carry fluorescent lamp& rdquo;Two business enterprises provide, among them, 100 divide 100 companies 900,000, snow Lai in Guangdong especially optoelectronics science and technology incorporated company is 500,000.But last year, that product was respectively illuminated incorporated company(450,000 T5s, T8) and Philip(China) by Buddha mountain electric appliances to invest limited company(250,000 T8s) and 100 divided 100 companies(600,000 T5s) to provide.100 divided the amount that 100 companies are responsible for to increase 300,000 a little bit last year, increased 50%.

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